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CORSIA Solutions

What is CORSIA?

From 2020 the International Aviation community has pledged to stabilise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from International Operations. Under the Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation, CORSIA, eligible aircraft operators will be required to purchase carbon offsets, for the growth in CO2 emissions covered by the Scheme commencing in 2021.

To prepare for this, from January 2019 operators will be required to measure and report their fuel use (and GHG emissions) from international operations to their state Civil Aviation Authority annually.

How Does it Affect My Airline?

Aircraft operators carrying out international operations (with some exceptions) are required to implement a system to monitor, report and verify
(MRV) fuel consumption and CO
2 emissions from these flights by January 2019.

Eligible operators must formulate an Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP) which documents their MRV procedures and submit to the relevant State Authority for approval.

Thereafter an annual Emissions Report (ER) is required. Both the EMP and MRV will need to be independently verified on an annual basis.

Based on the amount of emissions generated from 2021 determined under the EMP, some carriers will have to purchase carbon credits.

CORSIA Timelines


Before January 2019 - Formulate an EMP and integrate into your business processes.
1 January 2019 - Commence measuring fuel and
emissions associated with international operations.
28 February 2019 - Submit verified EMP to
applicable regulatory agency.

31 May 2020 - Submit verified ER to the applicable regulatory agency and continue annually.
1 January 2021 Onwards - Eligible operators will
be required to offset a portion of their emissions
generated from this data.

Fast Facts


  • Climate change is affecting aviation - higher temperatures affect performance, higher winds and turbulence, extreme weather, flooding affecting low lying airports.

  • Temperature rise is linked to greenhouse gas emissions which in the transport sector is mainly caused by energy use.

  • Under CORSIA all eligible aircraft operators must measure and report fuel use in international operations from 2019. Operators may also need to purchase carbon credits from 2021.

How Can We Help?


​The CAS team are respected global aviation leaders in the area of aviation environmental and greenhouse gas management.

CAS can provide a free eligibility assessment to operators in preparation for the requirements of January 2019.

If an operator qualifies for the CORSIA program, our team can provide a tailored and flexible solution to meet your needs.

Contact us for your free eligibility assessment by completing the below.

Thank you for your interest, we will respond shortly!

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