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Regulatory Solutions

The CAS Regulatory team provides experience and skills drawn from across the aviation industry, whether it be providing strategic advice on regulatory matters, representation of operators or the regulator, or advising on specific technical or regulatory issues.
The CAS Regulatory team is able to utilise our experience to ensure that our client’s needs are always met.


Implementation of SARPs

  • Assisting Authorities with taking care of infrastructure through evolving safety performance - RSOO and COSCAP

  • Implementation of Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) Requirements

  • Assistance with the Evolution of Analysis on Safety Margins

  • Implementation of State Safety Programs (SSP) Including Assistance with Prerequisites Requiring Effective Reporting

  • Assistance with Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASG) 

ICAO Safety Priorities and Operational Risks

Assistance with risk identification and management of:

  • Runway Safety Related (RS) Risks

  • Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) Risks

  • Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Risks

  • Information Sharing and Exchange

  • Analysis to Manage Hazards

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies - Managing the Hazards

Current and Emerging Issues

Assistance with management of current and emerging regulatory issues:

  • Mental Health in Aviation

  • GPS Interruption

  • Cargo Safety

  • Supersonic Aircraft


Real Time Monitoring Aviation Health


  • Monitoring through SMS and SSP Deployment

  • Protection of Information and Operational Data (Annexes 1 - 19)

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