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Tourism Solutions

The CAS Tourism team provides experience and skills drawn from across the tourism industry, whether it be providing strategic advice on new markets, representation in market, or advising on the linkage between aviation and tourism.
CAS Tourism is able to utilise our teams experience to ensure that our client’s needs are always met.
Results - Case Study

CAS Tourism delivered an Asian Market Strategy for a major airport that defined the pathway to engage and attract visitors from Asia.  The strategy defined the short, medium and long term goals for developing the market and has been successfully implemented.  

Market Representation and Entry

  • Representation for New Tourism Products in Market

  • Implementation of Market Readiness Strategies

  • Engagement and Management of Wholesalers and Distribution

  • Business Matching in Market

  • Management of Link Between Tourism and Aviation


Asian Market Specialty

  • Provision of Asian Market Strategy Services

  • Network and Leverage into the China and S/E Asian Market Through Established Networks

  • Provision of Linkages Between Tourism and Aviation Entities



Market Research and Analysis

  • Market Development Analysis

  • Strategic Market Entry Analysis

  • Government Relations and Engagement



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