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CAS provides a number of products to the aviation industry, designed to save significant cost, drive efficiency and add value to your business.


Contact us now for further information on our broad product portfolio, and we will work closely with you to ensure the best outcome for your aviation business.

Beaver Technology Services - Working from Heights Ground Service Equipment


The BTS Working from Heights Ground Service Equipment are ideal products for use within the aviation industry in maintenance environments where maintenance personnel are constantly combating the issue of finding a safe solution for safe means of access and egress whilst working with an assortment of aircraft with different heights and lengths.

CAS in partnership with BTS can provide a comprehensive GSE solution for MRO’s and airlines. ​



A liquid plastic designed to simplify and significantly reduce the cost of cabin interior repairs. The product has a fast cure time (between 20 and 30 minutes), and is simple to use.


Gen-3 Glasscoat


A new type of exterior aircraft paint coating designed to reduce drag and protect aircraft paint. The benefit of Gen-3 Glasscoat lies in the application of a glass coating that lasts longer than other polymer or wax coatings.



Emergency notification and crisis management systems ensure that an airline or airport can effectively manage routine events and major emergencies with easy to use crisis management and mass notification tools that dramatically simplify business continuity processes.



An end to end aviation document management system that allows the complete documentation process to be measured within an airline, including reporting and analytics, and delivery to all devices including iOS, Android, Windows 8 and desktop. The system significantly reduces costs associated with printing paper based documents, and allows documentation updates to be tracked and reviewed in a company’s Safety Management System (SMS).




A passenger ancillary revenue and engagement platform that allows an airline to engage directly with their customer, from when they are thinking of booking, through to when they return from their journey. IC3 ensures that an airline can engage their guests throughout the entire passenger experience, while being able to enable a new ancillary revenue channel.

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