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Working from Heights

Ground Service Equipment


Not only do the aircraft engineers face the issue of how to safely access and egress the many different types of aircrafts, they also constantly face the perils of working at heights unprotected in high risk areas of the aircraft i.e. wing tips, nacelle struts and centre fuselage. This danger is further exacerbated when any type of work at heights need to be completed outside a hanger and the risks involved increase dramatically with other factors needed to be taken into considerations including weather.

CAS in partnership with BTS can provide a comprehensive GSE solution for MRO’s and airlines. Featured products below have application across multiple aircraft types, however we also offer bespoke solutions depending on your requirements for aircraft specific items such as nose, wing or tail docks, radome cover, cargo door or APU platforms, wing position lifting platforms plus other items. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Free Standing Access Stair System

The FSASS provides two users with a portable means of accessing areas on multiple aircraft types via a full stairway set-up and provides overhead fall protection when working on the aircraft (from the ground to the work area).

Adjustable outriggers enlarge the base footprint to stabilise and level the FSASS when in use and retract into the base of the stair to create a small and mobile unit for towing and transportation. Click here for more information.

Liftline Fall Arrest Trailer Series

The BTS Liftline Fall Arrest Trailer is a complete overhead fall protection system that is installed on a towable road registered trailer suited for Australian road conditions.

The LFAT provides up to two workers an overhead anchor point that is easy to set-up. Height adjustable, the main mast of the LFAT  is raised or lowered using an electric or hydraulic pump and valve arrangement depending on the chosen model. Click here for more information.

Engine Access Stand (EAS)

The EAS is designed to be used for the under and over cowling access requirements for the GE CF series and RR Trent 700 series engines (amongst others) provides for safe access to nose cowls, fan cowls and pylon disconnect zones. The system can also be used for accessing the exterior cowling, specifically forward and aft pylon service points and refuel panels.

The EAS has a built-in fall restraint system allows for added protection for workers when working at heights and comes standard with outrigger jacks, castor wheels and brakes. There are two models in the EAS range with different height and length measurements. Click here for more information