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Gen-3 Glasscoat

Introducing Gen-3 Glasscoat.
The special chemical used in GEN-3 Glasscoat is Polysilazane, a form of Liquid Glass that, once applied, hardens into a ceramic coating that bonds to the exterior paint surface. This protects the soft top coat, preventing oxidation and also helps to maintain the newly painted look of an a aircraft with very little need for maintenance.
The glass-based coating provides a tough, smooth surface on painted finishes, this stops the dirt biting into the soft top coat of paint and makes it much easier to clean, without the need of for abrasive polishing. It also gives surfaces water repellency (Hydrophobic) and demonstrates some self-cleaning properties.
GEN-3 Glasscoat is vastly superior to the regular polymer-based paint sealants available on the market.
Application of the product is simple and allows airlines and aircraft operators to enjoy the benefit quickly without impacting on operations.
The product allows a reduction in aircraft wash cycles, demonstrates self washing capabilities, protects paint, and reduces drag.
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