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Pilot Screening and Recruitment Solution

CAS and Simjet have partnered to deliver pilot screening and recruitment solutions to airlines and defence forces globally. Our services are designed as bespoke recruitment and attraction strategies, coupled with technical assessments to allow your organisation to focus on its core business – flying.

How do we fulfill your crew requirements?

  • Combine our experience with your Flight Operations management as an extension of your organisation.

  • Crew sourcing via specific marketing strategies and crew contact list.

  • 360-degree screening – a 3 phase screening program giving you detailed information to select the best candidates. 

Outcome - Quality candidates to commence your internal review and engagement.


  • Full or partial recruitment, selection and screening.

  • Contract pilot assessors providing evidence-based assessments.

  • Screening system compliant to IATA guidelines.

  • Simulator provisions including assessors

  • Target marketing and advertising relevant to your operation.

  • Motivation and attraction.

  • Consulting to review and establish best practise recruitment and selection.


  • Provide your organisation with a full picture of pilot recruitment, from initial strategy through to delivery of new crew.

  • Provision of quality candidates to commence your internal review and engagement.

  • Provide crew productivity within your check and training organisation rather than focusing on initial selection processes.

  • Provide an efficient and engaging screening, recruitment and selection process to ensure you are attracting the right candidates.


Case Study 1

Large international airline – through implementing IATA pre-screening services and a candidate management system, we saved the airline approximately 40% on recruitment costs.

Case Study 2

Implementing our customised recruitment solution with evidence-based selection skills testing allowed a major airline to put 4 check Captains back online performing critical check and training functions. Also, by using a third-party simulator, this airline returned approx. 40hrs per month simulator time back for training functions.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your flight screening and recruitment process by completing the below.

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